One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing wedding colors, selecting the decor, and planning the theme and overall aesthetic of the wedding and reception. Whatever theme you end up choosing, one thing is for sure — you can’t go wrong with a Chiavari chair or Tiffany chair. And even though the chairs are elegant, beautiful, and timeless all by themselves, if you’re imagining an ethereal wedding where every surface or item has a touch of elegance and glamour, then you may want to consider adding some additional decor to the back of the chair.

Here’s How You Can Decorate Chiavari Chairs For Your Wedding

Match Your Colors & Theme

Before we get into specifics of how to decorate your Chiavari chairs, it’s important to first mention the importance of using your wedding colors and sticking to your theme. Whatever material or item you choose to decorate the chairs with, it finished look should help create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the room or space. For example, if you want a rustic wedding, you probably don’t want to use silk or satin materials. And whatever design you choose, make sure that each chair is consistent.

Slip Covers

If you or your wedding party want to avoid spending a lot of time decorating your Chiavari chairs, a slipcover is a simple, quick, yet elegant design idea for your wedding. Choose a material that fits your theme and overall look. Even though slipcovers may remind you of trying to hide stains on an old couch, they can be incredibly fashionable. Look for covers that have a shine or glitter to them or choose a cover that stops at the cushion. Pro tip: avoid using a pattern for slipcovers as they can be overwhelming when used for every chair.

Lace, Burlap, or Satin Sashes

Long sashes of any material can be used in a variety of ways to create a beautiful finished look. With softer materials like lace or satin, make sure that the sashes are tied tightly so that they don’t flop onto the floor halfway through the reception. Stringing the material through the prongs of the Chiavari chairs will ensure that they are kept in place and is also an opportunity to create a fun design. Burlap is a wonderful option for more earthy-themed weddings, just make sure to add some flower accents to finish the look.


Chiavari chairs and flowers are a match made in wedding decor heaven. Whether it’s a long garland of small, delicate flowers, or a single large flower in a top corner of the chair, you and your guests will adore the fairy-tale-like look. Popular wedding flowers are roses, lilies, gardenias, and freesia and any flower will look even better when accented with a lace tie and lots of greenery.

Let if Flow

When you want your Chiavari chairs to be an integral part of your wedding decor, but still want some type of accent on the chair, let the material and the chair work together! Choose a material that is sheer so the back of the Chiavari chair can still be seen. Drape the material over the chair or through the prongs and let the material flow toward the floor. You can bunch the material together to create layers, find a material that comes with a curly ribbon look, or simply tie a bow and let the ends fall to the ground. The combination of soft, flowy material and classic details from the chair will grab everyone’s attention.

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Choose the Right Chiavari Chair

To ensure the overall design of your wedding is cohesive, choose a combination of chair and cushion color that complements your wedding colors. Color combinations include:

  • Gold chairs with ivory cushions
  • Silver chairs with white cushions
  • Mahogany chairs with ivory cushions
  • Black chairs with black cushions

At The Rented Event in Atlanta, we love helping design and coordinate wedding decor to create a beautiful wedding and reception. Whatever your event rental needs are, from centerpiece rentals to flowers, and draping, you can count on us to provide quick and efficient service. Learn more about our Chiavari chair rentals and contact The Rented Event today to reserve your big day!