Image result for wedding things to remember sayings14 Small but important wedding day reminders!   

Two weeks prior to your event

1. Check in with your vendors. 

Confirm all details with your vendors and make sure they each have exact directions and a contact person’s cell phone number for event day calls or questions.

2. Make final payments.

Pay your vendors ahead of time. Review your contracts so you do not have to try to remember what may be owed to whom on your wedding day.

3. Have extra cash on hand.

For any last-minute expenses. This is in addition to cash required to tipping any of your vendors.  In that case, have prepared, sealed envelopes instead of a stack of bills, it is more proper and safer for you.

4. Prepare for rain.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception be sure to line up an alternate location (some facilities have a “rain plan”, so make sure to work out the details ahead of time) just in case it rains.

5. Make your traveling guests feel welcome.

Have thoughtful welcome gift bags waiting for your guests at their hotel front desk.  They will be thirsty and hungry and confused about events. Cover each of these needs with your bag for each person in the party.

One week prior to your event

6. Pack for your honeymoon

You will feel better and have one less thing to worry about as the special day approaches. When packing make sure you have additional room left in your bag.  You will find that you add new things that come to mind practically every single day, plus you will need room to bring things back that you purchase.

7. Have wedding items in place before the big day.

For anything you are responsible to provide at the ceremony site, designate a trusted friend or family member to collect everything and get it there before the guests arrive. Be sure to carefully check place cards, table numbers, menus and programs. Drop your stationary as well as wedding favors, toasting glasses, cake knife and server delivered to your reception site.

8. Have a discussion with your photographer.

I recommend sharing a Pinterest board with your photographer to make sure they capture all the photos you must have. Create a schedule based on your bridal party’s and family’s arrival. It is imperative to give them detailed information about where they need to be and what time they need to be there.

9. Create a “day-of” itinerary.

Write a detailed schedule for your vendors to let them know their delivery/load in times.

10. Designate a wedding-day supervisor.

Select well-organized friend or relative to arrive early at the ceremony and reception site to ensure everything is delivered and is in order. This person can also serve as the “gift caretaker”, make sure to give them a key to your house so your presents are awaiting your return.

One day prior

11. Get your limo driver’s cell phone number.

12. Give your legal documents to someone responsible.

13. Don’t go hungry!

Especially if you plan to have a little champs.. Pre-order food delivery to your hotel room.

14. Pack a big-day emergency kit.

Include face powder, lip gloss and lipstick, hemming tape, bobby pins, hairspray, panty hose, stain remover and tissues Sephora has an adorable minimergency kit available for $18 .  (If you anticipate waterworks, I recommend tucking a tissue in your bouquet wrap. Its something we always mention to our brides during their floral consultations.)

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