Understandably every bride would like to save money on their wedding. So many Brides call us in emergency mode the day before their wedding looking for our help.  Brides should be knowledgeable about flowers before taking on such an enormous task.  Relying on your Aunt or another family members is a risk because at the end of the day, they do not feel accountable for their work. 

If you do decide to DIY please keep the following things in mind:

  • Flower Shades Vary
  • Flowers do not last- Especially in the summer, you will need to keep your flowers cool and in water.
  • Shaping takes time and practice
  • You need the proper supplies to arrange flowers- These supplies tend to add up $$$.

Is it worth the savings? Their are so many ways to save money when planning a wedding my recommendation is never to DIY anything that you have to keep alive or that you (and your guests) will consume- there is so much stress involved in when you take those jobs on. It takes professional florists days, working in coolers, to make flower arrangements. There are hundreds of ways we can help you cut costs without sacrificing your sanity and possible ruining your day.